Allegiance is defined as a patriotic oath or loyalty to a cause or belief. In our case the Allegiance Party’s loyalty is to God and Country.

Our country desperately needs a united movement of patriotism driven by Christian principles and greater citizen participation to save the future of our children from systematic corruption that is crippling it.

So join me in the fight to save Papua New Guinea from corruption that is causing:

  • continuing increase in costs of goods and services;
  • you, your children, family and friends from losing their jobs;
  • your kids not having employment opportunities;
  • teachers, health officers and public servants getting put off the payroll;
  • deteriorating education system and continuous increase in tertiary fees;
  • hospitals running out of medical supplies;
  • escalating law and order issues throughout the country;
  • continuous borrowing by the O’Neill Government beyond what we can afford to pay back;
  • our Kina being further devalued because of foreign currency shortage.

The time is now and the solution to our problems is you joining and supporting the Allegiance Party so together we can make a difference before it’s too late

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Hon. Bryan Kramer,
MP Allegiance Party Leader